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Custom Software Development

Tailored solutions that precisely meet the unique requirements and goals of a business, ensuring a perfect fit for their specific needs.



Mobile Application Development

Creating engaging, user-friendly mobile applications for iOS and Android, essential for reaching the vast audience of mobile users.



Cloud Solutions and Integration

Offering scalable, secure cloud-based services and solutions, which are increasingly in demand for their flexibility and efficiency.



AI and Machine Learning Solutions

Providing advanced AI and ML services for businesses utilizing cutting-edge technology in data analysis, automation, and innovation.

A Network of Excellence

What We Do How we can work with you?

Staff Augmentation

Gain access to our pool of skilled professionals who can seamlessly integrate with your team, bringing specialized expertise and additional resources exactly when you need them.

Software Development Teams

Comprising expert developers and project managers, we're dedicated to efficiently and innovatively transforming your project into reality.

Software Development Outsourcing

We handle everything from initial concept to final deployment, ensuring high-quality, cost-effective, and timely delivery of your software projects.


We help you build exeptional digital products

At Indigo Labs, we're committed to building outstanding digital products. Leveraging our expertise in a range of programming languages and technologies, including .NET, Azure, Angular, NodeJS, React, No-code and more, we ensure your digital products stand out in today's tech-driven world. Our approach combines cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of UX/UI design, offering comprehensive solutions for your digital needs.

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Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customers


“Their genuine interest in the subject contributed to a user-friendly, future-proof platform development.”

Mikhail Soloviev

Co-Founder & CTO, IRRIOT AB

“It was an absolute pleasure working with this team. Extremely professional, reliable and hard working.”

Jernej Jan Kočica

AI Engineer

“We've been nothing but happy with the workmanship Indigo Labs delivers.”

Niklas Andersson

Head of Development, Global E-Commerce Firm

“We are truly appreciative of their hard work and look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership with them.”

Johan Uddh

Founder, Easyfy AB
Why Choose Us

Coding beyond Limits


Your Tech Architects: Azure & Bubble certified

Expertly transforming complex challenges into agile, future-ready solutions with .NET, Angular, NodeJS, React, No-code and Azure. Committed to quality, timely results.

  • 60 %


    Launch up to 60% faster with our agile software development, ensuring rapid market entry and quality results.

  • 30 %

    Competitive advantage

    Unlock your competitive edge with advanced tech solutions, enhancing performance by 30%.

  • 45 %


    Reduce development expenses by 45% through our strategic resource management.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!​

We offer a wide range of software development services, including custom software development, mobile app development, web application development, cloud solutions, and more, utilizing technologies like .NET, Azure, Angular, No-code, NodeJS, and React.
The development time varies based on the project's complexity and requirements. A typical project can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. We work closely with clients to establish realistic timelines that align with their goals.
Project costs are determined based on the project scope, complexity, technology stack, and duration. We provide a detailed and transparent cost estimation after a thorough analysis of your project requirements.
Yes, we have extensive experience in integrating new software solutions with existing systems, ensuring seamless operation and data consistency.